• Medicine Department


    Situated in Siliguri Town, the Arogya Niketan Nursing Home provides patients with personalized medical care in a calm, safe, and cozy environment which is subtly equipped with advanced medical instruments.

  • Surgery Department


    Surgeries focus on areas including the abdominal intestines, stomach, liver, colon, thyroid gland and pancreas. Emirates Hospital being a state of the art institution offers clients the best General Surgery.

  • Gynocology Department


    Arogya Niketan Nursing Home, a national center of excellence in women’s health, has been providing safe and satisfying gynecologic care to the women of our community.

  • EYE Department


    Without a doubt the human eye is among the most sensitive of organs and needs to be taken care of. Realizing this fact brings forth tertiary eye care services which are among the best eye treatment in west bengal.

  • ENT Department


    We provide care for adults and children with ear, nose and throat disorders. From correcting painful sinus conditions, to treating hearing loss.we make a difference in people's lives everyday.

  • Digital X-Ray


    Digital X Ray is one of the most basic and effective diagnostic tools. It is basically a picture of bones and tissues in the body of a person . Digital X Ray utilizes electromagnetic radiation.

  • UltraSound and Color-Doppler


    Advanced Color Doppler Ultrasound scanners offers studies of the carotids, peripheral vessels, abdominal and renal vessels. These scans of the body's blood vessels are essential in investigations of patients.

  • CT- Scanning


    Computed Tomography also known as CT combines x-rays and computers to image the body. Just about any body part can be imaged (abdomen , chest, brain, blood vessels, neck) .

  • Pathology Labs


    What makes it different from the others was one man’s dream and promise of ‘PROVIDING PATIENT’S WITH THE BEST CARE THROUGH HIGH QUALITY OF LAB INVESTIGATIONS’.

  • Recovery Unit


    Here the most seriously ill patients are cared for by specially trained staff. The staff consists of doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, nutritionists, physical therapists, pharmacists, case workers and clergy.

Welcome to Arogya Niketan Nursing Home.
Arogya Nikatan

Arogya Niketan Nursing Home, is a symbol of relentless pursuance towards rendering sophisticated high quality care, at an affordable cost, to the sick and needy. Here, we believe in offering comprehensive care under a single roof, setting the best practice standards in health care services, continually improving our performance and exceeding the expectations of patients and their families.

Arogya Niketan Nursing home is an internationally accredited, multi-specialty hospital located in the heart of Siliguri. Founded in 1960, today it is the Best Nursing Home in Siliguri. Arogya Niketan Nursing Home offers state-or-the-art diagnostic, therapeutic and intensive care facilities in a one-stop medical center. our vision is to deliver quality healthcare. As an ultramodern tertiary care hospital in India, we are motivated to lead the pathway to medical excellence with world-class healthcare treatments and services. From introducing the best in international healthcare to India to pioneering in application of technology, our commitment towards excellence can be affirmed by millions patients we have treated and the accolades achieved in our journey to achieve 'Quality Healthcare for All'.

Arogya Niketan Nursing home, equipped with modern facilities, specialized equipment, and a team of highly skilled and devoted medical professionals trained with the latest technological advancements. The hospital provides high quality care with a service focus in a professional & caring environment.


Pathology Labs
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Leadership in diagnostics, through Technology & Innovation Excellence in Diagnostics, is our mission.

Recovery Unit
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Recovery Unit is the place in the Nursing Home where the most seriously ill patients are cared for by specially trained staff. The staff consists of doctors, nurses, physical therapists and pharmacists

Maternity Ward
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The primary mission of our team is to make certain that your special needs during pregnancy are met adequately so as to provide the best possible birth experience for you.

Digital X-Ray
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Digital X Ray utilizes electromagnetic radiation, which help the doctors and specially trained radiology technologists to diagnose problems and recommend further treatments

CT-Scan [upcoming project]
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Computed Tomography also known as CT or CAT scan (Computer Aided Tomography) combines x-rays and computers to image the body.

Ultra-Sound & Color-Doppler
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Color Doppler Ultrasound scanners offers studies of the carotids, peripheral vessels, abdominal and renal vessels.