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Arogya Niketan is the only Panchakarma treatment based clinic in whole Madhya Pradesh.
We offered various services to the clients like Panchakarma treatment, Hypertension relief, Stress relief, cosmetic solutions and other ayurvedic based treatments. Our goal is to make everyone healthy with our ayurvedic treatments.

How to reach us

We are situated in Ujjain, the  Godly city of Madhya Pradesh.
We are situated 55 km far from Indore international airport, 3 km from Ujjain railway station and 5.5 km far from the most famous Mahakaleshwar temple.
We would like to invite you at our clinic for your health care.
If you feel any difficulty in reaching us then you can contact us anytime.
Feel free to contact:
Call: +91 7225998883
WhatsApp: +91 7225998883
Arogya Niketan!

Arogya Niketan

Phulwani Plaza, Opp. ISKCON Temple, Mahaswetanagar, Ujjain (M.P)-456010 INDIA
+91 7225998883
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